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Support groups for relatives of soldiers

A caring community of people who are going through exactly what you're going through

Feeling the weight of


Offering guidance and solidarity as you navigate the unpredictable journey with resilience and hope. Find insights and strategies to strengthen your support network and cope with the unique challenges of uncertainty.

Worrying about your child's safety?

Designed to provide solace and strategies for relatives navigating the uncertainties of their child's well-being. Discover resources to ease anxiety and foster resilience in the face of familial worry.

Wonder how others


You'll hear stories, tips, and insights from individuals who have faced adversity with resilience and determination. Gain inspiration and practical advice to navigate your own journey with strength and hope.

Feeling trapped with no one to turn to?

These group sessions will provide a safe space to share, connect, and find resources to break free from isolation. Explore stories of resilience and find the support you need to navigate challenging times.

Share experiences
get coping strategies 


with Understanding

Empowerment through Shared Strength

Navigating Uncertainty Together

Dedicated Groups for you

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Key Kibbutzim Collaboration

We are actively partnering with three major kibbutzim – Nachal Oz, Ein Hashelosha, and Nir Oz all hit extremely hard during the massacre of October 7th 2023.

Mental Health Focus

Our efforts involve understanding and addressing the mental health needs of these communities, providing pre-screening, and overseeing general mental health aspects.

Community Engagement

Given the prevalent shock and confusion, we're closely collaborating with kibbutzim representatives to support their communities during this challenging time.

Targeted Support for Teens

Our focus group centers around teens, who are facing significant challenges in returning to normal functionality. Approximately 200 individuals across these kibbutzim are in need of mental health services.

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