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Host an event to help spread the word on the importance of emotional health

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Host an Educational Event 

For more than 15 years, Kav L’Noar has been helping people of all ages and demographics understand their emotional health needs as well as those of their families and communities through psychoeducational events across a range of topics. We take pride in our model which is out-of-the-box and caters to the needs of individual groups and communities. Reach out to us to schedule an event.

Host a Fundraising Event

Kav L’Noar is known for creating an intimate, fun  atmosphere at our fundraising events. We’re grateful for our relationships with celebrity chefs, musicians, and artists who work with us and our gracious hosts to create memorable experiences for attendees which simultaneously broaden the conversation on emotional health for everyone present while also raising funds for our important work. Reach out to us to host a fundraiser.


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Esther, Ophira’s Mother

Thank you so much! I am writing this letter to you because of my great appreciation for all you have done for my daughter. The mentor she has met with for the last 2 years has been the best thing that has happened to her. The cooperation with the mentor has been outstanding. My daughter’s behavior has completely changed for the better. I bless you with all the good blessings. You have made me happy. and I hope you will be happy always. I hope that Kav L’Noar continues to grow and help many other families B’Ezrat Hashem.

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Family, R.

After the social and academic difficulties that had built up over the years in the educational institutions Avi attended, and from the pain and sorrow he experienced, we can say that the mentoring relationship was life-saving.

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R. Dr. Abraham J. Twerski

With the rising number of families making aliyah, there will be an even greater need for clinical services specializing in terms of language, culture, and common experience. In addition, opening a clinic that caters to the needs of the adolescent and adolescent culture would fill a very clear need.


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