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We've got the most commonly asked questions. Got others? send us an email or give us call. 

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Our clinical staff consists of experienced therapists with masters or doctoral degrees in psychology or clinical social work.

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ABOUT The Clinic

We are excited to announce the opening of our new English and Hebrew teen therapy programs funded by the kupat cholim! 


Kav L’Noar in partnership with the Lamerhav Institute is now offering goal-oriented therapy for  young people aged 12-21 and their parents, in our new beautiful location near Jerusalem's central bus station.


Our team of therapists includes both native English and Hebrew speakers all certified by the Ministry of Health and the Kupot Cholim. They are experienced with working with this age group and focus on evidence-based professional therapeutic methods.

Frequently asked questions

What are the core principles guiding therapy at Merchav L’Noar?

Merchav L’Noar’s approach centers on respect and empathy for the individual client.
Merchav L’Noar places great importance on coordinating with a young person’s family.
Merchav L’Noar is sensitive to cultural context, and our therapists understand and accommodate the sensitivities and approaches that stem from particular religious and cultural backgrounds and environments.
Therapy at Merchav L’Noar is goal oriented, meaning that a client and therapist will collaborate on choosing goals for therapy, and check progress on those goals throughout the process.
All therapy methods used at Merchav L’Noar are evidence-based with proven success rates.
All therapy at Merchav L’Noar is continually measured and evaluated using internationally recognized scales to make sure that it is achieving its clinical goals.
All therapists at Merchav L’Noar receive regular clinical supervision and engage in advanced specialist training opportunities.
All therapists are certified by the Ministry of Health and the Kupot Cholim and uphold the highest standards of clinical practice

What sort of therapy will I/my child be receiving?

Merchav L’Noar therapists have a range of specialities including, CBT, Trauma and others. The type of therapy any client receives is determined by their particular needs.

Do I need to approach my/my child’s kupa separately?

No, it will all be handled by Merchav L’Noar.

Will I need to pay any additional fee for therapy at Merchav L’Noar

There may be a small additional charge and if so we will discuss this with you during the intake process

Will the Merchav L’Noar therapist coordinate with my/my child’s school psychologist/yoetz?

In some cases coordinating with a child's educational system is important. In such cases the parents will lead the connection between the child's different life settings and therapist.

Do Merchav L’Noar therapists have experience with ADHD/ASD/OCD/Clinical depression?

Yes, Merchav L’Noar therapists are experienced in working with clients with these conditions.

I’m not sure if I/my child really needs therapy or not. Can we try it out or do I have to commit?

Any therapeutic process starts out with a joint evaluation, where both the therapist and the client check the appropriateness of this path. Parents will first meet the therapist and have an opportunity to explore together whether this is the choice for their family member.

What sort of challenges are dealt with typically in therapy?

Typical issues include family discord, school dysfunction, ADHD, depression, anxiety, poor social skills, emotional dysregulation, trauma, sexuality related issues, aliyah adjustment and more.

How much are parents involved with a child’s therapy at Merchav L’Noar? Do they get therapy as well?

As a general rule, therapy for adolescents almost always involves the parents as well. Parents will be involved in the intake process, and then will attend regular meetings with their child’s therapist.

Can I/my child see a Merchav L’Noar psychiatrist?

No, there are no psychiatrists on the Merchav L’Noar staff yet. However, Merchav L’Noar therapists will coordinate and liaise with external psychiatrists when necessary.

Can I/my child request a specifically male/female therapist?


Can I/my child request to receive therapy in English/Hebrew?


My child is 18 or over. Can I apply for him/her?

No, your child must initiate the process.

I/my child has a very specific issue, what happens if Merchav L’Noar is unable to help?

Merchav L’Noar has a large range of therapists with many years of experience treating a wide spectrum of behavioral and emotional issues. In the event that we don’t think we have the right therapist for your situation, we will try wherever possible to recommend other places which may be able to help.

We have a personal connection to a Merchav L’Noar therapist/staff member/client. Will our privacy be respected?

Therapy at Merchav L’Noar is held in the strictest confidence. Your personal details will never be shared with anyone outside the therapeutic team, unless there is a legal disclosure requirement. If you have a personal connection, please share it in the initial intake process.

My child wants to start therapy at Merchav L’Noar. What do I need to do to start the process?

Start by calling and leaving a message at 02-622-3039, or send us an email to Please leave your name and phone number, your child’s age and which kupat holim they’re a member of. We will call you back from an undisclosed number within a few days for more information, and you will be able to ask all your questions as well.

How long will I/my child have to wait to see a therapist at Merchav L’Noar?

Although it is hard to say exactly how long the wait is at any given time, we do our best to provide swift access to therapy. Waiting lists may vary, but we are highly aware of the importance of quick access to therapy and will make every effort toward shortening the wait time.

Which Kupot Cholim do we work with?

Leumit Meuchedet Klalit

Does Merchav L'Noar work under Rabbinic supervision?

Yes. We are committed to prividing mental health services within a Halachik framework.