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We've got the most commonly answers to the most common questions. Got others? send us an email or give us call.

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We Take Pride
In Our Staff

Our clinical staff consists of experienced therapists with masters or doctoral degrees in psychology or clinical social work.

About Us
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The Clinic

We are excited to announce the opening of our new English and Hebrew teen therapy programs funded by the kupat cholim! 


Kav L’Noar in partnership with the Lamerhav Institute is now offering goal-oriented therapy for  young people aged 12-21 and their parents, in our new beautiful location near Jerusalem's central bus station.


Our team of therapists includes both native English and Hebrew speakers all certified by the Ministry of Health and the Kupot Cholim. They are experienced with working with this age group and focus on evidence-based professional therapeutic methods.

  • Who can request therapy?
    Anyone who is facing difficulties, dilemmas, transitions issues or questions, crisis, ongoing struggling, or dealing with conflicts. Our clinic specializes in the treatment of Anglo olim, whether they be recent arrivals or established veterans. We offer therapy for individuals, couples and families. Our various therapists have experience treating issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, grief, and complications from trauma— to name just a few.
  • How much does therapy cost?
    The cost of therapy at the KLN/Lamerchav mental health clinic is fully covered by the kupot cholim. There is no co-payment required. Anyone who has health insurance through the kupot cholim is eligible to have the cost of therapy covered.
  • Will I need a referral from a health care professional or agency?
    No formal referral is required. We do receive referrals from other organizations and professionals including doctors, psychologists, attorneys, and rabbis.
  • How can I request therapy at Kav L’noar/Lamerchav?
    If you are interested in counseling services, contact our main office at 02-595-4571 ext. 9. Our intake coordinator is specially trained to receive calls and take information in a professional and sensitive manner. After you have given preliminary details about your request for counseling, along with basic personal information (name, age, address, etc.), one of our therapists will contact you to schedule an initial appointment for a more extensive intake.
  • Who provides therapy?
    Our clinical staff consists of experienced therapists with masters or doctoral degrees in psychology or clinical social work. Therapists work under the supervision of highly qualified and seasoned clinical supervisors and receive ongoing continued education so as to remain up to date on the cutting-edge innovations of the field.
  • How do I determine what type of therapy is right for me and my family?
    At Kav L’noar/Lamerchav we view therapy as a collaborative process. The type of modality that is right for you and your family, whether it be individual, couple, or family therapy, is something that you and your therapist will discuss together and make a joint determination as to the most effective course of action.
  • Is therapy confidential?
    Confidentiality is our highest priority and our therapists are legally, ethically, and morally obligated to protect your privacy. Under no circumstances do our therapists discuss cases or bring identifying material outside of the office. Because we work together with the kupot cholim, identifying information does need to be shared with them in much the same as it would when going to see a doctor.
  • In what languages do you offer therapy?
    Our therapists speak English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Swiss-German. If you have a preference for therapy in a language other than English please note this in your discussion with our intake coordinator.
  • Does Kav L’noar work under Rabinnic supervision?
    Yes. We are committed to providing mental health services within a Halachik framework.
  • How long does therapy last?
    The length of therapy is determined by the specific needs of each client as well as the framework provided to us by the kupot cholim. Each kupah has different guidelines for the maximum length of therapy but typically the maximum length is on year.
  • Which Kupot Cholim do we work with?
    Leumit Meuchedet Klalit At this time, we do not accept Macabi insurance.

Lauren Kirschenbaum

Lauren Kirschenbaum earned her BS in psychology from Brandeis University. She then went on to receive a Masters in education from Yeshiva University’s Azrieli School of Jewish Education and Administration. While teaching, Lauren realized that her truest passion was in helping her students outside the classroom, and so she received a Masters in social work from Fordham University. Lauren is trained in family therapy and likes to work with different modalities while working with her clients. Lauren made Aliyah in December 2017 and loves working with teens and young adults; the future of Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael.

Dr. Baruch Perlman

Dr. Baruch Perlman earned a masters degree in school and clinical psychology and a doctoral degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Baruch has completed his internship as a psychologist at the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center and is currently a therapist at the Lamerchav/Kav L’noar mental health clinic in Jerusalem. In addition, he works as a Research Associate and lecturer at the Hebrew University and maintains a private practice in Jerusalem and Efrat.

Yonatan Rosenhead

Yonatan Rosenhead LCSW, completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology BSc at the University of Manchester, England and received a Master's degree in Clinical social work from Ariel University in Israel. He also completed clinical training in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Y.N.R institute in Jerusalem and Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Metiv: The Israel Psychotrauma Center. In addition to his work as a therapist at Lamerchav L'Noar, Yonatan works as a social worker at Ohr Lenefesh, a mental health rehabilitation service for people with chronic mental illness. He has also worked in a range of settings, working with youth as a volunteer in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric ward and Children's Surgery ward at Hadassah ein Kerem and also as a teacher/mentor in Yeshivat Hakotel.

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