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What We Do

All of our experiences take place in the context of relationships with family, friends, schools, community, and society at large. We believe that in order to create lasting change, there is a need to integrate emotional health into those settings and relationships which make up all of our interactions. Our model is therefore broken up into the three pillars  - intervention, education, and support.


Interventions are  services aimed at bolstering the most basic relationships in our lives - those with our selves, family, and friends by alleviating psychological stress and channeling success through building skills, resilience, and confidence.

Clinical Therapy 


Individual Mentoring


Therapeutic Case



School-based programming

for students

(See full list of schools below)


Our various educational initiatives empower communities, families, educators, and community leaders through teaching them about their own emotional health needs as well as the emotional health needs of others. This serves to create a support system wherein our communities will inherently understand and work to further emotional hygiene together.

Community Education


Psychoeducational Groups for: Parents, Teachers, Rabbis, and Community Leaders


Parenting Support Groups



Media Content


Rabbis Can Run


Emotional health exists in a society made up of service providers, government agencies, foundations, and not for profit organizations seeking to help those in need.Our support programming seeks to lobby, organize, and inform these invested parties to better direct the quality and quantity of emotional health services for the communities, families, and individuals which they serve.

Government Advocacy


 Roundtable Discussions for Service Providers


Expanding Work with

Kupot Cholim

All of our services are provided in French, English, and Hebrew







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