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Kav L’Noar’s Remodeled Therapy Clinic

Kav L’Noar’s flagship Jerusalem therapy clinic has moved on, both physically and in the way it now serves clients. The clinic is for young people aged 10-21 and now runs in partnership with the Lamerchav Institute, which means that the cost of most sessions is covered by Israel’s kupot cholim (Israel’s national health insurance providers). This will be the first time that English-speaking olim will be able to access kupot-funded therapy in English in Jerusalem. As a result, financial challenges will no longer be a consideration for most clients, and we expect to be serving significantly higher numbers of clients in the near future. As always, support for the therapy clinic is deeply appreciated, and will now be used to cover extra costs such as supervision and training for therapists, measurement and evaluation, and other such important expenses. The clinic is now centrally located in a beautiful, traditional Jerusalem building, and we are grateful to the Jerusalem Municipality for making it available to us, and to the donors who have generously supported the renovations.

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