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Introducing Mr. Josh Wolff

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

At the beginning of this year, we were delighted that our Board of Directors elected Mr. Josh Wolff as the new Chair of Kav L’Noar’s Board. Originally from Boston MA, Josh moved to Israel in 2007 with his family and has been involved as a volunteer with our Board and as an advisor to our professional team for over 12 years. Josh currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Our Crowd, a leading venture capital platform headquartered in Jerusalem.Josh says that “the Kav L’Noar mission is more critical today than ever before. Throughout my professional career and community involvement in the USA and especially here in Israel, I've seen that the impact of powerful emotional health networks to support individuals, parents, and educators can make the difference between shattered lives dragging down our communities, and successful productive individuals contributing to our society.”Josh graduated the Maimonides School in 1989 and became involved as a director in 1999, and also led the school professionally as Executive Director from 2003-2007. After making Aliyah, he first became a director at Kav L’Noar in 2008 and helped upgrade the technology infrastructure within the organization, and has never stopped trying to find ways to support the cause. “The Board Chairs who I have been privileged to support over the last decade, Norman Blaustein and Mitch Eichen, exemplify selfless leadership, and they have been supreme models of strong governance, consistently nurturing Kav L’Noar with care and accountability, a trademark of this organization since its establishment over 16 years ago. Our task now is to energize the next generation of lay leaders that can catalyze the next stage of our growth and complement our professional staff. ”When Josh was originally approached by Kav L’Noar’s founder Dr. Ronald Wachtel in 2007, he immediately appreciated the value and importance of the mission. “Ronny capably and passionately built Kav L’Noar on a vision that the highest quality emotional care for Israel’s youth is the foundation for a brighter future throughout our country. We have a lot to be proud of in terms of our achievements and the thousands of lives we have saved over nearly two decades. Today, amidst the largest social crisis Israel has faced in generations, our work is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘need to have’ – especially in the post-pandemic society that lies ahead. Ellie Rothstein and his management team have been stepping up in 2020 to address these challenges, and working together with them I am impressed by the scale and increased impact we are making in dozens of cities across the country.”

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