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Unity: A Message for Pesach


“We are all pieces in the puzzle of Jewish Life. When you put all the pieces together, you have a complete picture that creates Jewish Unity amidst diversity!” Author: anonymous If all pieces of a puzzle were squares they would not fit together because they would not have the ability to interlock. Pieces of a puzzle have loops and sockets that connect. The same can be said for couples, families and communities. Therefore, this shows we cannot unite without being different. Each of us has our own unique part to play that connects us together. We need to figure out how the different parts of ourselves can connect to our spouses, our families and our community.

What unifies the pieces of the puzzle?

Each individual piece is necessary in order to create a beautiful picture. In the same way, each individual human being has special and unique qualities and characteristics. So we learn that  individuals should  dedicate themselves to a common goal in their own unique way in order to achieve unity, (achdut).

Just as the Seder highlights our need to respond to each of the 4 sons, we, too, have to make room for the different personalities and issues presented by our children. The Haggadah provides us with different answers to each of the 4 sons.  This underscores a recognition of their individual needs and the importance of including all of them at the Seder. In fact the seder is not considered a seder unless everyone is included. Each individual has something unique to contribute. We can learn from everyone AND everyone can be taught!  There is a need to maximize opportunities for teaching offered by the Seder.  Families can do this by providing each child with a learning experience on their own level.

In conclusion; we are inviting all who are hungry to join at our Seder table.   But, we are also hoping to find ways to not only satisfy their physical needs but their spiritual needs as well.

Kav L’Noar’s Board of Directors and professional staff extends to all of the families who have reached out for our help, our friends and generous supporters best wishes for a meaningful Pesach.  May this Holiday of Freedom provide each of us with a greater appreciation for the many privileges with which we have been blessed.

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