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Support can come in many different ways!

Rachel’s father died a few years ago, leaving her mother all alone with 4 children, no support, and no strong source of income. Rachel, the youngest sibling, took the death of her father and the subsequent financial strain on her family very hard. She became disruptive at school and got frustrated easily with regular angry and violent outbursts. These behaviors alienated her from other students and she was ridiculed and mocked her for her behaviors.

Fortunately, several members of Rachel’s community were familiar with Kav L’Noar and their work with families and youth. They put Rachel’s mother in touch with Kav L’Noar and Rachel was soon connected to a mentor with whom she began to meet with twice a week. Rachel’s behavior and outlook improved shortly afterwards. This is not a unique story; Kav L’Noar is grateful for having successfully paired many children struggling in the area of emotional health with mentors. The special aspect in Rachel’s story is the unusual involvement of the community, which raised funds to pay for Rachel’s therapeutic needs through Kav L’Noar. They also asked that Rachel’s family not be told about this act of communal support so that she would not be embarrassed when seeing people from her community. Only through building empathic communities committed to helping others can we create a brighter future for all of our children.

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