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Running and Exercise: Good for the Mind and the Body!

Benefits of  Exercise!

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body. However, most don’t know that exercise is also good for the mind, i.e. one’s mental health.  Regular exercise can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia and stress.  Additional positive byproducts of exercise include sharper memory, enhanced creativity, greater resilience and general mood enhancement. Even moderate amounts of exercise can make a big difference.  From toddlers to seniors, exercise can serve as a powerful tool to feeling better.

Research has demonstrated that the benefits of exercise are greatly enhanced when it’s done in the outdoors. Physical activity in the fresh air not only promotes Vitamin D absorption but also burns more calories from working against wind resistance.  Outdoor exercise enhances one’s mood via increased oxygen intake that stimulates production of serotonin, the “happy” hormone. Finally, the scenery is infinitely more stimulating and highly predictive of our repeating the activity.

Exercising with a friend or as a team member can serve to increase the benefits over exercising alone. It may be the competition, the team effort or simply the inspiration one gets from others doing the same activity. Studies have shown that exercising with others facilitates improved performance and self-confidence so that when climbing a steep hill with a friend, one experiences less strain or fatigue than when doing it alone.

Kav L’Noar encourages exercise as part of its holistic approach to improving mental health and emotional wellbeing.  For the past five years, Team Kav L’Noar has participated in the Jerusalem Marathon which included professional staff, Board members, clinical interns, volunteers, mentors, families we have served and donors. This year, several pulpit rabbis from the USA and Canada, who are participating in our new RabbisCanRun program, will be joining us in Israel at the Jerusalem Marathon. They are currently in training for their first 10K run and looking forward to March 17th !

In addition this year we are encouraging families to join our team for the 1.7km family race.

We invite the entire community – from toddlers to seniors – to join us as well, thereby improving both your physical and mental health and helping to raise funds to benefit the families we support.

From full, half, 10K, or 5k marathon runners to the 1.7KM family race, the 800 meter community race, gazebo volunteer or cheerleader, there is a place for everyone on our team!

Sharon Feifer, Community Education Coordinator

Be a part of something bigger with thousands of others from around the world!

Join  the Kav L’Noar Family Team  at the Jerusalem Marathon March 17,2017

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