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Role Models for Youth in Israel


Good role models or mentors can serve as powerful teachers for young people. They share many of the same characteristics:

  1. They are able to inspire with a social conscience and a sense of duty

  2. They respect, empathize and show compassion to young people

  3. They bring good communications skills and are active listeners

  4. They are resourceful and able to see solutions and opportunities

The consistent presence of a nurturing adult in the lives of our youth can make the difference between their dropping out or staying in school,  their engaging in risky behaviors or making positive choices, and their becoming a financial burden on the community or a productive member of society.

On March 18th, over 1800 Givati soldiers will be running with Kav L’Noar team members in the Jerusalem Marathon. While Kav L’Noar will sponsor the soldiers in their run on our behalf, more importantly, soldiers will interact with and inspire the youngsters with whom they’re running.

Betzalel Wieberman is a soldier who recently completed his army service with Sayeret Givati. At age 9 he witnessed a terror attack of a bus explosion. This traumatic experience affected his ability to take part in regular school and other structured activities which led him to quit school in 7th grade. Thanks to a mentor who started meeting with him at age 15, he became interested in joining the army. It was extremely hard for Betzalel to conform to the army’s difficult demands and, many times, he nearly quit. Fortunately, he was able to find new mentors in the army, people who believed in him and in his ability to make significant change in his life.

Today, Betzalel is involved in a number of initiatives working with teens at risk, helping them regain belief in themselves and in their ability to reach the goals they previously couldn’t dream of achieving.

Kav L’Noar’s School Group Mentoring Program reaches out to youth before they fall through the cracks.  As part of our partnership with the Givati Brigade, Kav L’Noar arranged for Betzalel to speak to the teens in one of our school groups. Betzalel shared his experiences in Operation Protective Edge where he lost three friends. His inspiring story to the students and teachers in the Middle School in Kiryat Noar kept everyone spell-bound and many expressed their appreciation for his captivating presentation after he finished.  The school has invited him back to speak to the older grades, praying his story can impact their eminent life decisions as well.

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