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Revolutionizing Workplace Well-being: Kav L’Noar Launches Therapy Groups for Kibbutzim in Otef Aza

Kav L’Noar is building emotional health and resilience across Israel and has recently expanded from 5 large cities with clinics in programs to Kibbutzim in Otef Aza. 

The world and Israel changed on October 7th. 

In a groundbreaking move to prioritize the mental health and well-being of employees, Kav L'Noar, renowned for its work in resilience based therapy and providing mental and emotional health support to schools, families and individuals, has added another service,- group therapy services in collaboration with businesses in Otef Aza (Gaza Envelope). 

Kav L’Noar is working with 28 schools, 33 cohorts of social emotional learning groups for youth, and over 12,540 clients. 

Since mid-October, Kav L'Noar has been working closely with prominent figures including Gil Lin, Head of the Kibbutz Business Association (KIA); Ronit Harel, Head of HR Business Association; and Ayelet Shmuel, Head of the International Merkazei Chosen. 

Ellie Rothstein, CEO of Kav L'Noar, expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort, stating,

"They have been a pleasure to work with and are eager to get employees and families the support they need."

On Thursday, January 4th, a pivotal moment unfolded as Kav L'Noar opened its first therapy group within the Kibbutz Erez factory. The event marked the beginning of a program set to commence next Wednesday, where employees will gather weekly for one hour over the course of ten weeks.

The significance of this initiative was underscored by the CEO of the factory during the launch event. Still grappling with personal tragedy, having lost his son on October 7th, the CEO remarked,

"We are here to strengthen each other. If you say you don't need the group therapy, there's something wrong with you. I thought the same thing and then realized I do in fact need help. And you definitely need these services also. We all need it, and we think this will help us move forward."

The CEO's son heroically sacrificed his life to save Kibbutz Erez on October 7th.

Kibbutz Erez, characterized by heavy security and an eerily quiet atmosphere, relies on the functioning factory as its lifeline. The factory collaborates closely with the army to coordinate operations within the guarded premises.

During the inaugural session, employees sat in a circle, attentively listening to Asher, Gil, Smadar, Yonatan, and Ayelet as they discussed the details of the new program.

The need for such services in kibbutzim, historically underutilized compared to Yishuvim, was emphasized.

"Historically, kibbutzim take advantage of these services less than the Yishuvim, and that has to change," noted Ayelet Shmuel - Head of International Merkazei Chosen.

Smadar Yam, Head of HR at the factory in Kibbutz Erez, conveyed,

"Everyone's emotions are different, but we want to be there for you. We want to hear what's going on, and we can do that in the therapy groups."

Yonatan Sinclair, the Kav L'Noar therapist overseeing the groups, highlighted the importance of openness:

"The meeting should take place without your mask on, being as open as possible. If you're struggling to open up, we're here for you to help you as well privately."

The CEO of the factory shared the decision-making process, stating,

"There were a couple of groups presented to us, but we thought Kav L'Noar was the best fit for us."

An employee at the factory expressed,

"The opening ceremony today normalized group therapy. We are in this together and can do this thing together. It's normal."

Gil Lin, Head of the Kibbutz Business Association, emphasized the need for resilience training, stating,

"We have resilience; the resilience is that we work here. But we need real resilience training, and that's why Kav L'Noar was a good fit."

With this pioneering initiative, Kav L'Noar aims to break the silence surrounding mental health, providing a platform for employees to open up, receive support, and lead functional lives, even in challenging circumstances. As this program unfolds in Kibbutz Erez, Kav L'Noar is in talks with 10 other Kibbutzim, envisioning a ripple effect of mental health support programs that will foster cultures of openness and resilience throughout various communities.

About Kav L’Noar: Kav L’Noar for 20 years has been at the forefront of building emotional health and resilience across Israel.  With our network of clinics and school-based programs, we provide therapeutic services to thousands of individuals and families - each in their own language and with cultural sensitivity in mind. With clinics in 5 major cities throughout Israel- Jerusalem being the main hub, located directly behind the Central bus Station making therapy as accessible to everyone as possible. Other cities with Kav L’Noar clinics and school programs include Bet Shemesh, Efrat, Giv’at Ze’ev and Netanya. 

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