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Rabbis Can Run: For the Benefit of Kav L’Noar

RabbisCanRun.org is Radically Redefining Rabbinic Intervention!

by Meir Kaniel

rabbis can run/for the beefit of Kav L'noar

On March 17th I will i’yh have the zechus to run in Yerushalayim together with our Running Rabbis. With a lot of hard work and dedication the Rabbis are already at 4 miles and on track to be ready for their 10k in Yerushalayim. Despite very busy schedules, they are taking the time to train and run twice a week to support Kav L’Noar and youth at risk. It is not an easy task but our Rabbis believe this cause is worth the effort and are radically redefining the words, “Rabbinic intervention!”

Please partner with us to support Kav L’Noar and Rabbiscanrun.org and help us reach our goal!

Please partner with us as we run for families to help keep families running and help us spread the word that, YES RabbisCanRun!

This is your chance to contribute and play a part in allowing us to help Rabbis improve their health while supporting Kav L’Noar and changing the lives of youth at risk and their families. 

Meir Kaniel & The Kav L’Noar Team

We thank our Corporate Sponsors.

Marathon Matchers


Scott J. Rothenberg, Esq.  

The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP


New York • New Jersey • Pennsylvania

(212) 563-0100


Corporate Contributors

ABC Communications

Red Group Management  http://www.redgroupny.com/

Centurion Anesthesia

Rustybrick- http://rustybrick.com

Traffictickets.com-  http://traffictickets.com/

Trebuchet Outsourcing Services – http://www.trebuchetoutsourcing.com/c5/ Rushking Promotions- http://www.rushking.com/

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