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Rabbis Can Run at the Jerusalem Marathon 2018

RabbisCanRun is a unique program launched by Kav L’Noar across North America. The Rabbis Can Run initiative was created to enable Shul Rabbanim to improve their health, while also helping to support children and families in Israel.

​The participating Rabbis receive a free trip to Israel and the opportunity to run their first 10k race in the Jerusalem Marathon.  They each benefit from personalized training and receive the necessary support to successfully complete the race.

Rabbis Can Run 2017

​The results of the first  program in 2017 were astounding. The Rabbis all completed the race and successfully ran more than 6 miles with only a few months of training. They learned how to push past their comfort zone to discover their hidden potential. They had the chance to run through the beautiful streets of Yerushalayim.

“Running is a proven formula to combat some of the greatest maladies of our times including obesity, heart disease, depression and anxiety. Rabbiscanrun is an innovative program that stands to not only improve but transform the spiritual, physical and mental health of the Jewish community.” David H. Rosmarin, PhD – Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School & Director of The Center For Anxiety

Rabbis Can Run with Kav L'Noar Jerusalem Marathon team

Rabbis Can Run Team 2017

Ten community rabbis have signed up for the 2018 RabbisCanRun program

From an article in The Jewish Press about the 2018 #RabbisCanRun program

“This program is geared for all types of rabbis who are interested in getting in shape,” said Kaniel, who is based in Passaic, NJ, where he also operates running programs for Orthodox youth. “We know the rabbis are extremely busy and not necessarily in the position to take on additional responsibilities. The program is specifically designed to be as simple and as practical as possible to make it easier for the Rabbis to accept the challenge. At the same time we created the initiative in a way where it is both exciting and very powerful so that the Rabbis could not resist this special opportunity.”

In 2017, during its first year, Rabbis Can Run started with modest goals. Three rabbis were recruited to take the challenge. They took the program very seriously, finished the marathon, and continue to run today, said Kaniel.

Dani Yemini, CEO of Kav L’Noar, sees this program as especially significant as it meets two very different but important goals. “Firstly, it promotes healthy living, not just among rabbis in North America, but using them as great examples for their communities,” Yemini stressed. “The rabbis and so many of their congregants lead hectic and busy lives, it is important to stay healthy and in good shape so they can serve Jewish life in North America for many years to come.”

Dani further explains how the Rabbis Can Run program is making a big impact. “These Rabbis are helping families in or approaching crisis by raising funds for our organization. Their efforts are ensuring that young people, including many immigrants, who may be struggling with learning disabilities, difficult family relationships, social challenges, self-esteem issues, depression, abuse, anxiety, and trauma among other issues, receive the help they desperately need.


Kav L'Noar Jerusalem Marathon runners

Joining with thousands of Israelis and others from around the world from all backgrounds and levels of running is an extraordinary experience.

Kav L’Noar is proud to participate in the amazing Jerusalem Marathon race known for it’s magnificent views, and challenging hills

​Please partner with us in this very exciting project and help us create a Running Rabbi revolution to help rehabilitate our at risk youth.

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