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Sima Gordon, Mentoring Supervisor

Mentoring as an Intervention tool:

  1. Mentoring provides a safe setting where abuse victims can be empowered to learn to trust again at their own pace in a natural setting.

  2. Mentoring can break the cycle and prevent children who have been abused from abusing others and/or abusing themselves by modeling appropriate boundaries learned in their mentoring relationship.

Mentoring as a Prevention tool:

  1. Mentoring builds self -confidence and practical social skills in children who are socially isolated, have low self- esteem and poor judgment.

  2. Kav L’Noar trains our mentors to set boundaries in the relationship between mentor and mentee which gives the child prevention tools.

Kav L’ Noar’s Mentoring Program builds the relationship in a safe environment.

  1. Boundaries are clear and guarded

  2. Mentors are carefully screened, trained and supervised

  3. Mentors commit to a full year of consistent meetings

  4. Confidentiality has explicit guidelines including danger settings

  5. Pace is set by the child’s needs

  6. Interactions with the people that children come into contact with each day are modeled and explained

  7. Issues are dealt with in real time through the meetings between the mentor and mentee

  8. Each meeting between Mentor and Mentee builds trust

  9. The meetings between Mentor and Mentee include psycho-educational thinking on many topics including stranger rules

  10. Mentoring helps children build their identity through acceptance and support of the mentor

  11. The Mentoring relationship involves problem solving and decision making

  12. Mentoring helps the child build empathy through mutual consideration between the Mentor and the Mentee.

Mentoring has successfully enabled many of our mentees to engage in therapy. Many of those who were abused needed to rebuild their sense of trust through a mentoring relationship before they were able to trust in a therapeutic relationship. Please watch this video which provides more details on the benefits of mentoring as both a prevention and intervention tool- click here

Mentoring is an important component that should be included in any comprehensive plan to protect our children and ourselves from abuse.  Kav L’Noar’s holistic model that incorporates therapy for the child and/or parents together with a mentoring relationship for the child/teen is an approach that works well with documented positive results.


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