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Los Angeles Reception for Kav L’Noar

Los Angeles Reception for Kav L’Noar; Guest Speaker, Rabbi Dr. David Fox

On Monday evening, November 9, 2015 Dr. and Mrs. Ernie Agatstein hosted a reception for Kav L’Noar.  Kav L’Noar assists in dealing with the various challenges from learning disabilities, difficult family relationships, social challenges, self-esteem issues, depression, abuse, anxiety, trauma and mental health maladies. Dr. Agatstein introduced Mr. Dani Yemini, CEO of Kav L’Noar, who showed a brief video of parents and children helped by the program and its various services. In an effort to cover all the bases, Kav L’Noar provides counseling, one-on-one mentoring, school group mentoring, community outreach and education, parenting workshops and a young adult program. The guest speaker was Rabbi Dr. David Fox, a clinical psychologist and professor who is well-known in the Jewish community and among mental-health professionals. He has published and lectured widely on dealing with trauma, handling various crises and loss and has assisted several communities and schools needing guidance during a crisis. His knowledge and experience has been well-recognized and he has been a professor at many university graduate schools and an associate clinical professor at a medical school. Dr. Fox pointed out that among the various features of Kav L’Noar’s programs, its one-on-one mentoring programs are somewhat novel and very effective. While the government does provide some allocations, Kav L’Noar must do their own fundraising to support their programs.

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