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Kav L’Noar’s Special Fund

What do we do when a client runs out of money?

Her parents can no longer afford her therapy bills. What do we tell Hila?

Fees for therapy at Kav L’Noar are charged on a sliding scale, based on what a family can afford. Fees help the families stay motivated and share in the responsibility for their own healing, and also help us cover the cost of the sessions. If we didn’t charge fees, we would have to turn families away.

And yet, every year, we get clients that simply cannot pay.

What do we say to Yoel, a boy who lost his mother at the age of 14, and then crossed an ocean to get away from his estranged father?

Yoel struggles with both depression and learning disabilities, and feels totally alone. There’s nobody there to pay for it, but our therapist is a life-line. How could we close our doors to Yoel?

What do we say to Hila’s parents, currently busy with a costly divorce. They are selling their apartment, and tell us that they can no longer afford to pay for Hila’s therapy.

But Hila is descending into the grips of a serious eating disorder, and has also stopped sleeping. How could we tell her therapist to stop the sessions just when she is most needed?

As we enter the last days of 2017, we ask you to consider making your tax-deductible donation to Kav L’Noar’s special fund for clients like Yoel and Hila. With your help, we will continue to provide our much needed services even when families cannot afford to pay.

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