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Kav L’Noar and Givati Coloring Jerusalem Purple

Kav L’Noar is honored that the IDF Givati Brigade has chosen to include us in their mission.

The Givati soldiers will serve as important role models for the youth in our School programs.

מותת ‘קו לנוער’ מתכבדת להיות חלק ממשימת חטיבת גבעתי. חיילי החטיבה ימשיכו ללוות את בני הנוער המשתתפים בתכניות הבית-ספריות של העמותה,  ולהוות עבורם מודל לחיקוי

Watch the video: The Kav L’Noar team and  Givati soldiers running in the Jerusalem marathon for Kav l’Noar!

Kav L’Noar Team Members pose for a photo with the Marathon Winner

Training and preparing for a marathon is a journey that teaches the ability to break one’s own boundaries and to understand the hidden potential of the human being

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