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From Impulsive, Uncommunicative and Oppositional to Mutual Understanding and Respect

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Kramer *family came to KLN because they were concerned about their 17 year old son, Shlomo*,  who was having difficulty maintaining a school placement.  He had been dismissed from 4 schools in the previous year due to his extreme impulsivity and inability to follow basic rules.  His behavior at home was similar.  Shlomo was sullen, uncommunicative, and oppositional.  He was engaging in at risk behaviors and totally unwilling to talk to anyone.   Because the situation was so challenging, multiple services were recommended as part of our treatment plan.  Shlomo was assigned a mentor and a family therapist while his parents met with a different therapist to help them better understand their son and how to relate to him more successfully .  In addition, Shlomo was referred to a psychiatrist for medication evaluation to address his impulsivity.

As often happens, at the onset of therapy things initially got worse.  Shlomo ran off with some friends and was unreachable for several days.  There were concerns about alcohol and drug use.  This crisis made it evident that everyone in the family had to learn to relate to one other in a different way if they had any hope of salvaging a relationship and remaining connected. The parents would have to take the lead.

The goal for these parents was to create a new relationship with their son in a way that he would feel loved and welcome in their home while also respecting the basic behavioral expectations.  Our Kav L’Noar staff coordinated our efforts to help make this happen.  Shlomo’s mentor helped him work on his self-confidence and his ability to express himself.  His therapist helped him develop some insight into his acting out behaviors which provided him the ability to make better choices.   The parents learned to negotiate terms under which they could live together with mutual understanding and respect.   At this point, Shlomo is over 18 and living away from home.  While he is finding his way religiously, Shlomo often goes home for Shabbat because his parents were able to sustain a loving relationship with him while respecting their differences.

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