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Someone recently asked me what it is that I’ve learned during my time as a mentor for Kav L’noar. I responded that it is not about what I’ve learned, but rather who I’ve met. I am privileged to have a happy life with loving supportive parents. So, when I began mentoring at Kav L’noar, I didn’t really know what to expect. My experiences hadn’t prepared me for understanding the type of life that my mentee has. The boy that I mentor has had a hard life, having experienced numerous family-related tragedies and constant disappointment in those he would otherwise rely on for support.  Because he feels alone, my mentee does not go to school, he does not have friends, nor does he leave his house. So what do I do with this boy who has had none of the experiences that I do? A boy who doesn’t have warm and loving memories? We make those memories together. Whether it’s going to the store to buy groceries, going to the gym together, or playing cards –  we’re making new positive memories together. Through these average experiences I’ve come to know a warm and friendly young man and he’s gotten to know me. So, to answer the question –  I’ve met this young boy and I am there for him, I am his friend.

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