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Coronavirus: Day in the life of Kav L’Noar Therapists and Staff

8:00: Zoom monthly therapy session with mother of teenage client. The teen is still in bed. The therapist hears updates about the teen. They  discuss strategies of how to handle things in light of the school shut down and enforced isolation. 9:00: Kav L’Noar school group mentor speaks to his supervisor about what to say to 9th graders who are whatsapping him with requests for help 10:00: University Interns’ Supervisors’ Zoom meeting 11:00:Kav L’Noar Senior Team Zoom meeting: Discussing options for offering specialist online training for therapists. Update on funding that has come through.  Discussion on how we can get our printed newsletter out without going to the office.  Plans for upcoming online community support sessions. 12:00: Clinical supervisor zoom supervision session with therapist 1:00: Chairman of Board zoom session with CEO and Executive Director: Discussion about the frozen municipal program funding. 2:00: Therapist research session, gathering material to give to her intern to read in lieu of the intern’s cancelled school placement work experience 3:00: Kav L’Noar Director of Development puts together grant request for coronavirus crisis support 4:00: Therapist calls clients who are not comfortable with zoom sessions just to see how things are.  Clients report that they are struggling with 24/7 parenting while also trying to hold down full time jobs. 4:30: Two therapists plan online community seminars with Community Education coordinator 5:00: Kav L’Noar Administrator deals with daily financial processes, employee questions about payroll, website maintenance, and social media posts. 6:00: Kav L’Noar therapists join external zoom presentation for therapists on the challenges of giving therapy online 7:00:Kav L’Noar Mentor calls teenager mentee to see how he is and discusses strategies for dealing with his family when he can’t leave the house 8:00 Kav L’Noar Therapist zoom supervision session with client who can only meet after her young children go to bed.  She continues the process of working through a trauma unrelated to coronavirus 9:00 Kav L’Noar Therapists’ zoom staff meeting: The therapists shared experiences, got updates, did a mindfulness exercise together and shared new material. 10:00 Kav L’Noar Therapist phone therapy session: Therapist  helps client who has been put on unpaid leave from his job and doesn’t know how he will pay his bills.  The stress has caused his panic attacks to return

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