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Chanuka Family Activities

This Chanukah, Shine a light on the relationships within your family

Chanukah is here, the time when families gather on dark nights to light their chanukiot together and enjoy festive treats. There is a growing call among the community to use this opportunity to put away its screens, at least while the candles burn, and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Here are eight ideas for 8 nights of Chanuka family activities, with all electronic devices kept firmly in the dark.

1) Complete a family sized jigsaw puzzle together, or play card or board games

family games
family puzzle

2) Prepare a novelty meal together, combining favorite foods or experimenting with new cuisines.

3) Learn something new together Sign Language, a new song, a new craft like origami.

4) Make a family tree, family history book or family time capsule to bury

5) Put on a family talent show

6) Go out and volunteer as a family, at an old age home or food pantry

7) Go through family ‘treasures’ to choose what can be donated to the less fortunate

8) Have the family interview each other, to encourage family members to share anecdotes from the past, opinions or qualities that are less well known.

chanuka family art projects

All of these activities will boost communication skills within the family, solidify connections, build resilience and create precious family memories.  Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Chanukah from Kav L’Noar.

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