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The Challenges of Aliyah: When and how Kav L’Noar can help?

Adjustment issues for Olim

  1. Loss of language, culture, familiarity and community

  2. Culture Shock

  3. A feeling of vulnerability – taps into old insecurities

  4. Excitement alternating with feeling of being overwhelmed

  5. Focus on survival

  6. Mourning what was left behind

  7. Loss of status

  8. Struggling to reestablish oneself

  9. Stress on marriage

  10. Tendency to worry and anxiety

Adjustment issues for children and teens

  1. Identity and Self esteem – normal struggles of adolescence (exacerbated by Aliyah)

  2. Acceptance/fitting in

  3. Don’t get the rules

  4. Language

  5. Social adjustment

  6. Academic adjustment

  7. Anger and resentment at parents

  8. Feeling of loss of control

Parenting challenges

  1. Parents may lose confidence in their parenting abilities


  1. Language challenges, messages, communication?

  2. I cant even help my child with their homework

  3. Frustration with a different system


  1. How do I deal with my child’s anger, resentment, etc.?


  1. How do I help my child who is being bullied?

  2. How do I help my child to make friends?

Common Adolescent problems  (exacerbated by Aliyah)

  1. Starts with an unhappy child who just gets by

  2. Teen may feel like he/she doesn’t  fit in

  3. Bullying

  4. Loss of self esteem

  5. Lack of motivation in school

  6. Loss of interest in making efforts socially

  7. Rebellion against the parents religious expectations for them

  8. Depression

  9. School refusal

  10. Hanging out with “the wrong crowd”

  11. Drinking and other self destructive behavior

Kav L’Noar helps parents and teens Get Back on Track

What we can provide:

  1. Counseling, direction, and support for parents

  2. Family therapy to help rebuild the communication between members of the family

  3. Mentoring for teens to help them to learn social skills, learn how to build a relationship, and learn problem solving skills, which in turn builds confidence and self esteem

  4. Individual therapy for teens

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