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Celebrating the new Kav L’Noar – Shlavim Merge and Welcoming new Executive Director Ellie Roth

Shlavim is an agency which bridges the gap between Yeshivas and the mental health world, and which has long held a warm, collegiate relationship with Kav L’Noar. Because of the natural connection between the agencies, the decision was reached to merge the services. Shlavim founder Ellie Rothstein joined Kav L’Noar last September to work alongside Founding Director Dr. Ronald Wachel and CEO Dani Yemini in the newly created leadership role of Executive Director.

Ellie is a trained Social Worker, professional hypnotist and former Yeshiva Rav. In his role as Executive Director of Shlavim, he was responsible for the organization’s exponential growth. He plans to use that experience to help Kav L’Noar oversee the next important phase of its strategic development.

Ellie is forging new connections and helping put the agency’s scalable expansion plan into practice. In addition, Ellie has begun to focus on how Kav L’Noar as an organization can communicate more widely and more effectively, such as through our popular new #mentormondays series. There will be more changes coming soon!


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