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Benefit Concert – Honoring Stephen and Rosalyn Flatow

Honoring Stephen and Rosalyn Flatow, and their family.

Alisa Flatow HYD was a 20 year old student from West Orange, NJ, who chose to spend a semester in Israel studying at Midreshet Nishmat. In April 1995, Alisa was murdered when the bus she was travelling on was blown up in a terrorist attack. Her parents, Stephen and Rosalyn, immediately showed their characteristic generosity and strength when they chose to donate Alisa’s organs. They helped their daughter give to others for the final time, inspiring many others in her wake.

Since then, Alisa’s memory has propelled Stephen, Roz and their children into a world of giving in countless ways.  Scholarship funds, a Beit Midrash and multiple programs in Alisa’s name have all helped other young people pursue their dreams and reach new heights in their Jewish learning. It has also driven a tireless quest for justice, which led Stephen and Roz to overcome endless obstacles to challenge the U.S. courts and State department, expose corruption in the world of international banking and ultimately successfully sue the government of Iran as a state sponsor of terror.

Throughout the long years since they lost their precious daughter, as parents and as public figures, Roz and Steve have shown the world nothing but love for all their children, tenacity, courage, and emunah. They are truly an inspiration to us all.

Kav L’Noar believes passionately in the power of role models to guide struggling young people in more positive directions.  Steve, Roz and their family are the quintessential role models, and we were delighted to have this opportunity to pay tribute to them at our benefit concert that took place on November 24,2016.

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