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An Evening of Sushi and Soul

Dr. Jenny Goldstein

On Sunday evening, December 2, 2012, Kav L’Noar presented an evening of “friend raising” for the Beit Shemesh community. The event took place in the home of Dr. Herman and Mia Weiss and was co-hosted by Mimi and Geoff Rochwarger, Allison and Dr. Efraim Rosenbaum, Dr. Tamar and Rabbi Sholom Rosner, Wendy and Phil Serlin, Michelle and Yossi Shaulson, Dr. Orit and Jan Wimpfheimer, and Dr. Tzippora and Josh Wolff. The wall-to-wall crowd of over 60 people, while enjoying a sumptuous spread of sushi, salads and sufganiyot, were engaged by members of Kav L’Noar’s staff to learn about our organization and programs.

Once everyone had filled their palates, Dr. Wachtel introduced the formal portion of the program with an overview of our unique holistic model of helping our clients utilizing a family-systems perspective. . He also invited those present to consider having Kav L’Noar, already serving families in Beit Shemesh through its Jerusalem Center and broader programming, bring its services to the community in a more structured local operation.

Donny Kornblit with participants.

Donny Kornblitt, one of Kav L’Noar’s seasoned mentors, then shared, with warmth and passion, a story about one of the teens he had mentored. Our featured speaker, Dr. Jennie Goldstein, respected Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, spoke on the topic Rabbi Akiva’s Secret to Raising Exceptional Children. In her well-received presentation, Dr. Goldstein highlighted the importance of parents creating boundaries for their children that would ultimately provide them with important insights and skills for their own future relationships.


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