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A Great Mentor Inspires

Amichai had always had a tough time. His learning difficulties placed him in a special education track at school.  His mother was frail, and he was estranged from his father. As a result, his confidence plummeted, his grades were lower than they should have been even with special allowances made. He felt that he had no future. Other boys at school were already busy boasting about what they’d do in the IDF when the time came, but Amichai was always silent in these conversations because he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to cope.

A Great Mentor Inspires

Amichai was assigned a Kav L’Noar mentor, Dvir, a year and a half ago. Now, Amichai’s mother describes the pair as ‘like brothers.’ The difference is that Dvir is the first ‘family member’ in Amichai’s life who comes without painful complications. Dvir, an IDF commander, worked on helping Amichai rebuild his shattered sense of self.  Amichai now believes that he can be just as successful as anyone else.  His grades have improved, and now, when the talk at school turns to army plans, he too declares that he will be a combat soldier.

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