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Unity Torah – Inscribe a Letter by doing an Act of Kindness!

Global Unity Torah

Kav L’Noar has the wonderful opportunity of joining 190 schools, congregations and organizations (and growing) around the world to write a Unity Torah solely by acts of chesed.

Every letter of this Torah can be acquired, not with money, but with one act of chesed: as simple as

lifting the spirits of someone in need, reaching out to a family member, performing a service to the community, or brightening the day of a perfect stranger. It all counts!

This joint initiative, spearheaded by The Afikim Foundation and Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, is called The Global Unity Torah campaign, and it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. See 1-minute video and visit their website- Jerusalem 50.org.

Inscribing a letter in this Unity Torah with your name is easy. Just perform any act of chesed, then click here to find the block of letters reserved for Kav L’Noar. Then, just follow the prompts. We have 180 letters reserved, so you can perform as many acts of chesed for as many letters as you would like inscribed in your name by May 28th! A digital file of all names and chasadim will remain permanently with the sefer Torah in Jerusalem.

The Torah is being donated to ZAKA in Jerusalem, an emergency response and recovery organization that helps set up houses of mourning whenever the unfortunate need arises.

May our acts of kindness illuminate the world with the light of Torah, and may God continue to bless us as a united Jewish people.

May we merit to perform many acts of chesed together!!

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