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Kav L’Noar launches Dropout Prevention Program

Pilot Program Launched for Dropout Prevention in Jerusalem

Following a request from the Office of Truant Officers of the Jerusalem Municipality, Kav L’Noar is launching a pilot dropout prevention program in one school in 2017-18.  Akiva Harow, Kav L’Noar’s School Mentoring Supervisor, is serving as program coordinator. Akiva researched existing dropout prevention programs in order to achieve the best results for this pilot program.   He plans to introduce activities to enhance the 3 major areas that traditionally impact school attendance, i.e. social, emotional and academic.

Evidence Based Interventions

Youth engaging in risky behaviors, increases the risk of being a school dropout. Safe and supportive families,schools, and  peers are crucial to helping young people develop to their full potential.  Akiva plans to include no more than 10-12 seventh graders. The students who will benefit the most will be  identified by the school. They will be offered a variety of additional supports based on the individual needs of each student. These evidence based interventions will include remedial tutoring, extra-classroom attention by teachers, home visits, and counseling.

Prevention programs are cost-effective

An integral feature of the pilot project will assure ongoing communication between the providers of these services. Prevention programs are cost-effective. Reducing drop-out rates will help the Jerusalem Municipality to leverage its resources efficiently.  It will also provide long term social and economic benefits for the community.   If successful, the Municipality has indicated its intention to have Kav L’Noar implement the program in many other schools throughout Jerusalem.

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