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Building Resilience: Prevention and Treatment for Bullying Victims

On January 16, 2019 Rona Novick, Dean of the Azriele Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration of Yeshiva University in New York, addressed our therapy staff at Kav L’Noar.  Dr. Novick is an internationally recognized expert on bully prevention and treatment for bullying victims.  She spoke with the therapy staff about individual characteristics that make it more likely a child will be bullied.  Dr. Novick discussed how family, educators and therapists can work on building resilience and teaching skills that make children less likely to be bullied.  She shared a wealth of information gathered from recent research and from her own clinical practice in this area.  All of our therapists gained new insights which they will be able to pass onto families dealing with this issue.

Kav L’Noar’s Mentoring program promotes resiliency and helps children become strong and less likely to be hurt if he or she is bullied. Youth who have positive and stable connections with positive adult  role models are likely to be more resilient. Click here to read more .

“Resilience is not a genetic trait. It is derived from the ways children learn to think and act when they are faced with obstacles, large and small. The road to resilience comes first and foremost from children’s supportive relationships with parents, teachers, and other caring adults. These relationships become sources of strength when children work through stressful situations and painful emotions. When we help young people cultivate an approach to life that views obstacles as a critical part of success, we help them develop resilience.”

Dr. Rona Novick

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