Interview with Akiva Harow

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  Interview with Akiva Harow   Rivkah: Hi, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?   Akiva: I was born in Los Angeles and made aliya when I was four. I come from a family of seven children who were all under the age of twelve at the time. I am the […]

How To Deal With Silent Treatment From Your Teen

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        Question from a Parent: My daughter often answers questions with one-word answers. “Where are you going?” “Out” “When will you be back?” “Later.” “Who will you be with?” “My friends.”  Sometimes she just rolls her eyes and looks right past me, or listens but remains silent. It makes me feel distant […]

Kav L’Noar participates in Tzohar Conference


Kav L’Noar participates in Tzohar Conference The Israeli Rabbinical Organization Tzohar, led by Rav David Stav, held its second annual conference in the Jerusalem International Conference Center on Rosh Chodesh Av. Over a thousand people participated in the full day program, which this year had a special track for English speakers, organized by Rabbi Reuven […]



BACK TO SCHOOL AFTER A WAR As we are now coming to an end to the summer vacation parents are organizing their children for the new school year. For many families living in Israel the alarm siren was part of the daily routine, and most families spent some time in a shelter. For many, summer […]

Kav L’Noar interview on Arutz 7 radio/Israel National News


          Israel National News- Arut7 Radio interviews Rina Berkus, Clinical Supervisor and Joy Epstein, family therapist.   Listen to the interview :   Rina and Joy discussed Kav L’Noar’s counseling and mentoring programs and how we help families and especially Olim families in particular.   Rina Berkus, Clinical Supervisor Rina made […]

Kav L’Noar staff meets with Olim Coordinators


                Kav L’Noar hosted a meeting today for coordinators from various organizations and communities that offer services to new olim.The goal for this meeting, the first of others to come, is to provide an overview of Kav L’Noar’s unique holistic, family-systems based model of intervention designed to help families […]

Coping with Trauma in Times of Military Conflict


                    Joy Epstein, MSW, Family Therapist   People may be struggling with stress anxiety and other emotional reactions during this time of unrest. Purpose of counseling: Normalize feelings and reactions Strengthen coping skills Define and prioritize needs Develop strategies for addressing those needs Preventing future mental […]

Combined Israel Appeal (CIA) YIWH 5774 Presents Donation To Kav L’Noar

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    The Young Israel of West Hempstead in Long Island, New York selected Kav L’Noar as one of the recipients of this year’s Combined Israel Appeal (CIA) held on Shabbat Chol Hamoed Pesach. The appeal committee traditionally considers Hesder Yeshivot, social welfare organizations and a wide variety of grass roots charities in Israel. Kav […]

The Summer Vacation Survival Kit for Parents

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Don’t Let Your Family Barbeque Go Up in Smoke The Summer Vacation Survival Kit for Parents By: Rivkah Weiss   The end of the school year is fast approaching, and with it the much anticipated summer vacation. For some, summer vacation conjures images of sipping ice-cold lemonade on the beach or taking overnight camping trips […]

סיפור מהחיים

  סיפור מהחיים   רקע על התפיסה הטיפולית של “קו לנוער”   עמותת קו לנוער זוכה לעבוד עם הרבה משפחות במצוקה,וללוות אותן בחיפוש אחר דרך טובה יותר לחיות את חייהם. בדרך כלל, משפחה מגיעה לקו לנוער כי אחד מהילדים שלה חווה קושי רגשי,התנהגותי או לימודי. איש מקצוע מטעמנו עוזר למשפחה להבין מה דרך הטיפול המתאימה […]

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